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Founder Story

Evaraa Essential, rooted in the profound essence of Ayurveda, draws its name from the Sanskrit word "Evara," meaning God's blessings. This essence permeates their products, which harness nature's bountiful blessings through the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. By blending traditional herbal remedies with modern technology, Evaraa Essential crafts products that resonate with the needs of contemporary times.

With their family's support and their grandparents' blessings, the founders initiated their journey into Ayurveda. The belief in and practice of Ayurveda has been in their family for many years.

As part of their beauty regimen, they have always followed "gharelu nuskas" (home remedies) to maintain their skin health.

With the intent to stop premature hair greying, the founder learned Ayurvedic cosmetics to develop these products.

This was much appreciated by the family, who later supported and encouraged them to scale up the business.

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Our Mission

To offer premium-quality products that genuinely benefit the user. This commitment reflects our dedication to customer satisfaction and well-being. Moreover, our vision extends beyond mere commerce; it aspires to share the profound goodness and richness of Ayurveda with the world. Through our products, we seek to spread awareness and appreciation for this ancient Indian science, enriching lives with its holistic healing properties.

In essence, Evaraa Essential epitomises the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, guided by a deep reverence for nature's gifts and the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda.