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What is Nano Technology?

Nanotechnology, the science of manipulating particles at the nanometer scale, offers a myriad of benefits in the realm of skincare. By reducing the size of active ingredients to the nanoscale, we enhance their bioavailability, ensuring that they penetrate deeply into your skin, delivering optimal nourishment and rejuvenation. This powerful combination of nanotechnology and Ayurveda enables us to develop potent, targeted formulations that honour tradition while embracing innovation.

The intervention of nanotechnology in Ayurveda has made the approach significantly holistic and accessible. Acting as a natural barrier, the encapsulated potent Ayurvedic phytochemicals address all your dermal concerns, whether it's skin damage due to UV radiation and pollution or excessive sebum production. The composition penetrates the deeper layers of your skin, providing long-lasting effects and a refined finish, optimised for application on softer spots like fine lines, wrinkles, and periorbital regions.

Nanotechnology fundamentally transfers packages of various ingredients in semi-soluble packets that only break down when the product is applied. With numerous remedial benefits, the technology offers much more in the landscape of cosmetic science.

Our Products

Our nanotechnology-infused Ayurvedic products are meticulously crafted to offer the following benefits:

Enhanced Absorption:
Nanoparticles effortlessly penetrate the skin's surface, allowing active ingredients to reach deeper layers, ensuring superior results and effective rejuvenation.
Increased Potency:
By reducing the size of active ingredients, we amplify their potency, ensuring that our products deliver maximum benefits with minimal application.
Rapid Results:
The nanoscale delivery system accelerates the absorption of our Ayurvedic ingredients, providing visible results in a shorter span of time.
Superior Stability:
Nanotechnology enhances the stability of our formulations, ensuring that the products remain efficacious and retain their quality for an extended period.